Sunday, November 30, 2008

Term Life Insurance

Policyholders or new comers are expected to estimate to the closest detail how long they will need coverage. It makes no sense to take out life insurance and the policy expires before you die.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance Finding Health Insurance in Pennsylvania

Apparently it's about forcing everyone to buy health insurance at any price the insurers want to charge with whatever little benefits the companies want to provide. Then you can claim you are requiring insurers to sell to everyone. ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Insurance Companies to Rate Your Doctor

What is the best way to measure a doctor’s competency? A new program in New York will allow major insurance companies to rate doctors in the same way restaurants and movies are rated.

News - Flooding and insurance

A shake-up in the way we are advised when we buy financial products is being planned by the financial regulator. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) says commission-based sales can lead to property and casualty insurance recruiter.

Who Else Wants personal injury insurance District of Columbia

Nowadays, depending on the type of daily driving activity you carry out, it is worth considering starting a personal injury protection plan.

RE : Health Insurance Costs?

Canadians in the UK : Health Insurance Costs? Stats : 3 Replies.

What is Disability Insurance?

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